James Baker - eSports

James joined Frys as an U6 in 2002 playing for the Colts team.  At U11 his dad Maurice started the Wanderers team assisted by James' older brother Tom, who took over the Manager role at U14.  James received his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award in 2012.  James started out signing for Playn With Pain Is Pain, followed swiftly by Team SK.  It didn't work out so after six month he and two others went independent and formed Team Bob? (named because an eSports commentator had asked why there were no basic team names like Bob?).  They were signed by Team Dignitas just before the European Championships held in Prague in October 2015 where they came runners-up, qualifying for the Blizzcon World Finals in Los Angeles in November 2015 where they gained revenge over the European Champions in the semi-final, but losing to the American Champions in the final, winning $120,000 for being the second best team in the world.  In March 2016 they travelled to Katowice where this time they won the European Title, and went to Seoul in April for the World Finals. Team Dignitas now are aiming to be the best team in the world! If you read the Blogs, most commentators agree that James was the best Kharazim in the world before meta changes saw him move to other avatars! There were three regional tournaments every year where the eight regional champions plus the runners-up from China, Europe, Korea, and North America completed the field of 12 at the respective Spring, Summer, and Fall Championships. Now however they have organised Regional Leagues on a full time basis, and after competing for the first year, James retired from competitive gaming.  Working now behind the scenes for Team Dignitas, James continues to be at the heart of the development. For more on James, follow him on Twitter.


James Promoted To Dignitas Director of Esports - September 2020

James was promoted to Director of all Esports for all Dignitas competitive teams.



James Interviewed By BBC Sounds - August 2019

James was part of an interview about the the business of esports in an industry worth over $1bn globally.  Scheduled to be available on the BBC Sounds Website for at least a year, so it may eventually disappear.


James Interviewed By The British Esports Association - May 2019

James was interviewed about the esports career pathway and how to become a pro-gamer.


James Managing The Team @ Mid Season Brawl - June 2018

As well as working for Dignitas on the product, James helped manage the Dignitas Heroes Team at the Mid Season Brawl at Dreamhack 2018, and was interviewed in the Heroes Lounge.


James Retires From Competitive eSports - December 2017

James initially announced that he wouldn't be taking part in the next round of matches due to start in the New Year, but followed up by officially announcing his retirement as he took up a full-time position behind the scenes at Team Dignitas.

Goodbye Bakery

Read James' Press Release as he retires, and thanks key people he has played and worked with.

Read reaction to James' retirement on the Reddit Fan's Forum to see just a sample of how James influenced people around the world.


Town Hall Heroes Episode 161 - November 2017

James regularly took part in Town Hall Heroes, a two hour weekly podcast hosted by Solid Jake with discussions on all things Heroes. On episode 161, they took a look at James' decision to take a sabbatical from playing.


Nexus Games - November 2017

James had a go at Casting in the analysis role at the Nexus Games. He enjoyed it, and learned from the experience.

The Nexus Games squad   James with Tetcher & KendricSwissh


Blizzcon: Los Angeles, USA - October 2017

For some reason it just didn't click at Blizzcon and changes followed. That said, backstage decorators knew which team were the best!. Quarter Finals at Blizzcon. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & Zaelia

The lineup   Backstage at Blizzcon


Continue the Grind | HGC Finals - Group Stage

The Team Dignitas Heroes of the Storm team fights their way through the HGC Finals group stage and qualify for the playoffs!


James Interviewed On ESPN eSports

Prior to Blizzcon, James was interviewed by Susie Kim on the ESPN eSports channel to get his views on the coming tournament!


James Give His Guide To Playing Uther

As part of the Dignitas University series, Team Dignitas' Bakery presents his Heroes of the Storm Uther Guide as seen at HGC matches!


James And Snitch Discuss Their Blizzcon Motivation

Patch changes made whilst they were at the Mid-Season Brawl meant that they were behind the curve going into the next round of qualification and ultimately failed to make it to the Western Clash Phase 2, which meant that they had ground to make up on the teams above them to get to Blizzcon. They were equal to the task however and qualified runners-up from starting fourth after Phase 2.


Mid-Season Brawl: Stockholm, Sweden - June 2017

From the League, the top two then qualify for the Mid-Season Brawl held against the best in the world. World Runners-up. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & Zaelia

Ready to play   Backstage in readiness

Ready to for the Final


Town Hall Heroes Episode 142 - April 27, 2017

James regularly took part in Town Hall Heroes, a two hour weekly podcast hosted by Solid Jake with discussions on all things Heroes. On episode 142, James joined the lineup as a regular co-host.


Western Clash Phase 1: Katowice, Poland - March 2017

Blizzard introduced a League format at the start of 2017, held amongst the best eight European teams, with the top two qualifying for the Western Clash held amongst the European and Americas qualifiers. Western Champions. A replacement was finally found for Alex/Athero and so the line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & Zaelia

Ready to play   Relief and exultation

Western Clash Champions   Western Clash Champions

Post win interview   Post win interviews

Recap Video


Gold Club World Championship: Beijing, China - December 2016

5th at the GCWC in China. Held in the Water Cube, the 2008 Summer Olympics Swimming venue. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & AtheroAngel

Sightseein the Water Cube, next to the Bird's Nest   Media requirements

Media requirements   Ready to play

Promotional material


Beyond the Nexus Episode 21: Behind the Scenes at BlizzCon - December 2016

The final episode of 'Beyond The Nexus' for 2016 followed four teams at Blizzcon, with Team Dignitas featuring heavily in the 45 minute episode.


Team Dignitas Mannequin Challenge - September 2016

So after coming 3rd/4th at Blizzcon, just how did they react...


Blizzcon: Los Angeles, USA - November 2016

3rd/4th at Blizzcon Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & AtheroAngel

Devoted fans   Picking their roster

The opposition   Ready for the opposition

Another roster   Post match interview

Blizzcon 2016


Bootcamp: Busan, South Korea - October 2016

After qualiying for Blizzcon 2016, they travelled to South Korea for a Bootcamp against some of the best teams in the world, and took the opportunity for some cultural experiences. Alex decided at the last minute that the lifestyle was not for him at this point, and so Athero stepped in to help. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & AtheroAngel

Pre-show media   Analysing game play

Visiting a Korean Temple   Visiting a Korean Temple

Visiting a Korean Temple


DIG Heroes players Bakery & Snitch nominated for UK Player of the Year- September 2016

Read about it on the Team Dignitas website

Team Dignitas


Gamescom: Cologne, Germany - August 2016

Gamescom Champions. Gamescom is the world's 2nd largest Games Trade Fair. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & AlexTheProG

Pre-show media   Pre-show media

Gamescom 2016 Champions


Dreamhack European Fall Championship: Valencia, Spain - July 2016

European Champions. Wubby had been unsure of his commitments and so had left requiring another change to the Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & AlexTheProG

European Champions

Interview with James At Dreamhack Valencia


European Summer Championship: Stockholm, Sweden - April 2016

European Champions. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & Wubby

European Champions


State Of The Nexus - Heroes of the Storm Podcast - March to May 2016

In March 2016, James was co-host on a new Podcast called State Of The Nexus, discussing various aspects of the game. They ran for six episodes before ending as everyone were getting too hectic in their schedules to commit, and you can watch the very first episode below.


European Spring Championship: Katowice, Poland - March 2016

European Champions. The roster changes made before Dreamhack just didn't gel, so Schwimpi left along with AtheroAngel and just days before the European Finals, Mene and Wubby joined which meant a last minute Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, JPL, Mene & Wubby

European Champions

Recap Video


Dreamhack Winter Clash: Jönköping, Sweden - November 2015

3rd/4th Position at Dreamhack. Roster changes saw JPL and Schwimpi come in but they didn't have much time to practice together, Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, AtheroAngel, JPL & Schwimpi



World Finals Blizzcon: Los Angeles, USA - November 2015

World runners-up at Blizzcon. Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, AtheroAngel, Zarmony & ADRD

Ready for battle   Picking their line-up

In the Semi-Final   In the Semi-Final

Semi-Final Victory   Semi-Final Victory


European Fall Championship: Prague, Czech Republic - October 2015

European Runners-up in Prague. The Original Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, AtheroAngel, Zarmony & ADRD

Interviewed after reaching the European Final   Interviewed on stage after reaching the European


Heroes of the Storm Interview with Dignitas Bakery


Heroes of the Storm - Kharazim Guide by Bakery (James)



Team Dignitas - October 2015 to December 2017

October 01, 2015 - Bob?'s roster is acquired by Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas


Bob? takes 2nd place in the Stormgrounds Invitational - August 06, 2015

Watch Virtus.Pro vs. Bob? - Map 2 at the Stormgrounds Invitationals #2 Final


Bob? takes 1st place in Go4Heroes Cup #35 - August 02, 2015

Go4Heroes is a series of weekly online cups organized by ESL in the Americas and Europe. Bob? were winners of Tournament #35


Bob? - July 2015 to September 2015

Unhappy with the way things had gone at SK, They formed their own Team and entered tournaments independently. The Original Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, AtheroAngel, Zarmony & ADRD



PGL Spring Champions of the Storm 2015 : Bucharest, Romania - April 25, 2015

3rd Place at Dreamhack, and whilst they went out at the semi-final 3-1, the match they won can be watched below. The Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, Araragi, Zarmony & Rave


Town Hall Heroes Episode 59 - April 16, 2015

As his career progressed, James regularly took part in Town Hall Heroes, a two hour weekly podcast hosted by Solid Jake with discussions on all things Heroes. His first appearance however was back in episode 59, where James was interviewed.


Heroes of the Storm Interview with SK Bakery - March 30, 2015


PGL Spring Champions of the Storm 2015 Qualifier - March 7 , 2015

Qualifying for Dreamhack whilst beating Fnatic in a best of 3 at a PGL Spring Champions of the Storm 2015 Qualifier. The Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, Araragi, Zarmony & Rave


Planetkey Heroes Invitational - February 20, 2015

Runners-Up at the Planetkey Heroes Invitational. The Line-up: Bakery, Snitch, Araragi, Zarmony & Qmatoboss

SK Bakery


SK Gaming - January 2015 to July 2015

January 2015, James was snapped up by SK Gaming and had high hopes of SK's backing leading to great things. Sadly it wasn't to be. The Line-up when Bakery joined: Bakery, Linked, Beezy, BKB & Escape.

SK Gaming


Playn With Pain Is Pain - September 2014 to December 2014

James joined Playn With Pain Is Pain late in 2014, but it didn't go as he wanted, so left at the end of 2014.  The Line-up : Bakery, Luvi, Gela, Vippelino & Pain.


ESL Heroes of the Storm Open the Nexus #1 - November 11 , 2014

An early competitive battleground for Bakery (back then TNBakery - The New Bakery) which was lost 2-0.  The Line-up: Bakery, Luvi, Gela, Vippelino & Pain.


Playn With Pain Is Pain