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Managers Learn At Charter Standard Training!
On Saturday December 15th, four members of this Club attended a Charter Standard Training event.  To see more about the event click Training, and to see more about our Charter Standard, click Charter Standard.
Ways of learning
England v Brazil At The New Wembley Stadium!
On June 1st 2007, England hosted Brazil at the newly built Wembley Stadium.  One Frys player was lucky enough to be there, thanks to the Club's Charter Standard Status.  To see more about our Charter Standard, click Charter Standard.
The New Wembley
New Laws On Child Seats!
New laws have come into effect that could have an impact on transportation to games.  For more information, click Child Seats.
BS Magazine Highlights Frys!

Local publication, BS Magazine highlight Frys in a recent issue.  To see more , click Article.

bs magazine

Frys Article
Don't Have A Go At The Ref!
Be honest, have you ever 'had a go' at the ref?  If so, you may like to read this Article on the 'footy4kids' website.
Don't have a go at the Ref!
Think You Know The Laws Of The Game?
Click on Laws_Of_The_Game and see if you do!
Think you know the Laws of the Game?

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It is hoped, perhaps forlornly, that more parents and players involved in Youth Football will come to realise that its not just about winning. Anyone reading this and wondering what is meant by this should visit the FA Website