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Frys U10's Are Ready For Christmas!

Fry Club JFC U10's finished their 2017 training in the traditional manner; Christmas training! The traditions includes, having fun, winning sweets, and most importantly, wearing something festive. Photos of the session can be found by clicking the Christmas Training link. As for the U10's they take a well deserved break after a most successful half of the 2017/18 season, which included winning a Cup Final, and will come back looking for more success in 2018. For more on the U10's, view their Team Page.

Christmas Training

Sausage & Chips!          The end of the sweets is nigh!
Coaches4Coaches Ride Again!

On Wednesday 15th November, along with the support of the FA and Somerset FA, Fry Club JFC hosted another of their Coaches4Coaches training nights. The evening consisted of Football sessions delivered by FA Coach's mentor Phil Rochford-Smith, as well as Bernie Grimes and Ray Kelsey, to grassroot coaches from football teams within the local area. The basis of Coaches4Coaches is for local coaches, normally rivals on match days, to come together and share thoughts, ideas and good practice, to enhance coaching development and skills. 20 coaches attended with even an international flavour; one coach from Spain taking part who is on a Football Foundation course in this country.

Some of the Coaches, along with Phil (front left)

Ex-Frys Player - A Christmas Cracker!

On Friday 1st December, Aaron Sutton, older brother of a Fry U15 Girls' player, and formerly of our great Club, continues his professional boxing career with his fifth bout at Ashton Gate. Aaron signed a 3 Year professional contract with Chris & Jamie Sanigar at Bristol Boxing Gym on 12th January 2017. Aaron joined Frys as an U6 in 2002 playing for the Colts team, and although had a brief spell with AEK Boco returned to the Club and went on to win many awards, leading the U18's to the League & Cup double in 2015 and and as an U18 Aaron won his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award. We wish Aaron the very best of luck in his latest fight. For more on Aaron's boxing career, take a look at Aaron Sutton Boxing.

A Christmas Cracker

No Time To Discuss It With The Committee...

This Season has seen some momentous changes at our Club, with some teams playing at Somerdale Pavilion, whilst other play at Manor Road.  We have launched a new Facebook page, and soon we will launch a new look to our website.  Other changes have been behind the scenes, where three new members joined the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee are the Senior positions within the Committee, and are responsible for setting direction and dealing with the day to day affairs of the Club.  With so many changes, we thought it a good idea to share these faces with all of our members. Clockwise from the top right we have the Chairperson - Andy Edwards, Secretary - James Cook, Treasurer - Mark Yeoman, Vice-Chairperson - Marie Davies and Welfare Officer - Andy Glover. The full Elected Committee can be found via the link, including ways to contact each Committee member.

Chairperson - Andy Edwards

Secretary - James Cook

Welfare Officer - Andy Glover Vice-Chairperson - Marie Davies Treasurer - Mark Yeoman  
Fry Club JFC Remember The Fallen!

Fry Club JFC joined thousands of teams up and down the country in honouring those who fell in war in service of our Country. Impeccable one minute silences were held at Somerdale, Manor Road and away locations around Bristol.  To see some images of the silence, please click the Remembrance link.

Ready To Play

Frys U10's - Cup Winners!

Congratulations to our U10's, who won one of the Hanham Minor League World Cup competitions. They won all three group matches, and then their final, going one step further than the same competition in 2016, where they fell at the final hurdle.  Afterwards there was food, drink and sweets in celebration at a local Pub and finally a Champagne moment! For more images, click on the Cup Final link. For more on the U10's, click on their Team Page.

Ready To Play

Sausage & Chips!          Champagne Celebrations
U12's - Players Wanted!

Fry Club U12's are looking for at least two more players as they build for next season. They currently play 9v9 on a Saturday morning at Manor Road Playing Fields, however next season move to 11v11, but rather than wait until the Summer, they would like to recruit the players now so that they are fully integrated members of the team come next season.  If you are interested and would like more information, then please take a look at the Flyer. For more on the U12's, click on their Team Page.

Players wanted

Ex-Fry's Teammates Continued....

Last year we looked at the careers of three ex-Frys teammates and what they were now doing. Over year later we check in on them again, and add a fourth teammate!   Aaron Sutton has now turned professional in his boxing career and tonight has his third professional fight. Ben Watt qualified via FITCON at Olympia for the IFBB Diamond Cup and Arnold Classic in Barcelona and competes there this weekend. This week James captained Team Dignitas to qualification for the Heroes Of The Storm World Championship at Blizzcon in Los Angeles and they are off in November. Finally Joe Carreyett has launched a singing career, and in August performed for the second year running at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Aaron joined Frys as an U6 in 2002 playing for the Colts team, and although had a brief spell with AEK Boco returned to the Club and went on to win many awards, leading the U18's to the League & Cup double in 2015 and and as an U18 Aaron won his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award. For more on Aaron and his Boxing Career click on his Boxing & Kickboxing Page. Ben joined Frys in 2003 playing up an age for his Team.  He then moved the Juniors team as an U10 before joining the Colts team as an U15, and as an U16 in 2013 Ben won his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award. For more on Ben and his Bodybuilding Career click on his Bodybuilding & Fitness Page. James joined Frys as an U6 in 2002 playing for the Colts team.  At U11 his dad Maurice started the Wanderers team assisted by James' older brother Tom, who took over the Manager role at U14.  James received his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award in 2012 as an U15. For more on James and his eSports career, click on his eSports Page. Joe joined Frys as an U7 in 2003 playing for the Colts team for six years where he was three seasons in a row Top Goalscorer; U7, U8 & U9, and in his final season, the Team Penalty Competition Winner.  Joe received his Stan Taylor 5 Year Loyalty Award in 2008 as an U11. Joe left at the end of the U12 season, but returned for one season for one of our U18 Teams in 2014/15. For more on Joe and his Singing career, click on his Singing Page.

The next bout

Qulaified for Barcelona

2017 Western Clash Champions

On stage at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

U12's - Dads v Lads!

Fry Club U12's decided to open their tenure at Manor Road with a Family Funday. As well as some fun competitions they played a Dads v Lads match! It was a great day, with the best weather of the Summer. The Dads were winning, then the Lads stole a victory with the Last Goal Wins rule; a well taken cross and header. They also had some challenges for the Day; Cross Bar Challenge, Chipping Challenge, Penalties, and a Fitness Challenge (Coach Dave Francis was disqualified for being an oldie!) Later that evening they went to the New Inn (their new social home) for a presentation, and a Disco ably MC'd by an older brother of the Team. Everyone had a great time and danced/had fun well into the night. For some photos of the match, click the link above. For more on the U12's, click on their Team Page.

A dangerous cross


A beautiful day

Aquaterra Funday!

Fry Club took part in a recent Aquaterra Funday. Designed to let the community come and visit Somerdale Pavilions; we took part to help showcase Fry Club JFC, and allow visitors to the site a chance to join in some fun and friendly games in a family orientated atmosphere, and all who came along agreed that it was a great day. If you are interested in joining Fry Club JFC, then please contact the relevant age group via the links on the Homepage and Current Teams.

Fry Club Juniors FC

A beautiful day         Ready for fun
Manor Road Hosts Fry Club JFC

Over the Summer an historic vote was taken within the Club in relation to where we play, with half of the Club voting for a change.  The preferred venue was Manor Road Playing Fields in Keynsham, a large facility operated by Keynsham Town Council. The U10's, U12's, U13's, U14 Colts and the U14 Juniors all decided to try out the new venue in response to rising costs, but no discernable benefit at Somerdale Pavilion. For their part, Keynsham Town Council have agreed to redevelop the changing facilities at Manor Road to modernise it and allow better changing separation so that boys, girls and adults can all use it at the same time, as well as potentially add public ablutions and a social room. We hope that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership, and in that light, this weekend saw the first matches played there as both the U14 Colts and U14 Juniors had matches, and the U12's held a Family Fun day there. To see more of the U14 Junior match photos, click on the Photos link. You can also like the new Manor Road PF Facebook page. For more on the teams, click on their Team Page links.

Moving forward

In the air

The U14 Juniors

Frys Launch A New Facebook Page!

Fry Club JFC have launched a new Facebook Fry Club JFC on Facebook page. We originally entered into the Facebook world three years ago, however as our first attempt it was very much a learning curve, so we have taken the decision to launch a new site.  It will be regularly updated with events and news, as well as photos and reports, so please check it out regularly to see what is going on in the world of Fry Club JFC. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook Fry Club JFC on Facebook. Click on our Facebook Fry Club JFC on Facebook page to find out more.

Fry Club JFC on Facebook

Frys Reaffirmed CS Development!

The FA Charter Standard Clubs programme, supported by FA Community Partner McDonald's, was launched in February 2001 and is a core component of The FA Football Development programme.  It aims to ensure best practice is adhered to by all Clubs in Britain outside of the top tiers of the game. To achieve the award you have to show that you are well run, have training for your coaches in place, that you operate a safe environment for the boys and girls, and so on.  We attained our Charter Standard Club status in July 2006, and our Charter Standard Development Club status in September 2007.  This year, 10 years later, our Development Club status was reaffirmed. Click on our Charter Standard page to find out more.

The Winners

U12's - Tournament Winners!

Congratulations to our U12's, who beat Westbury Park Foxes Whites 2-0 in the final of the Emerson's Green tournament this Summer. They entered two teams in 6-a-side format. Both teams qualified for the quarter finals where they met in the first elimination match. In the end it was Frys Blue 1 – 3 Frys Red.  The Reds went on to win the rest of their games, with the final against Westbury Park Foxes Whites. A massive shout of congratulations to them for going back and successfully defending the title they won last Summer. For more on the U12's, click on their Team Page.

The Winners

The Reds & The Blues

The Reds & Blues prepare to battle  In play action  In play action  
Ron Williams Cup Winners!

Congratulations to our U18's, who beat the Managers in the traditional end of season Ron Williams Cup. It was an exciting if ultimately one-sided affair, and for the Match Report please click the link. Our U18's have had a brilliant season, entering the U18 League as a predominantly U17's team and winning their divisional area!  For past Manager's Matches click that link. For more on the U18's, click on their Team Page.

The Managers

The U18's

Dave Worlock - SFA Award Winner!

On Friday 2nd June, Dave Worlock our Club's outgoing Secretary travelled to the County Ground in Taunton, home of Somerset Cricket Club, to receive an award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to grassroots football. Dave was accompanied by members of our Management Committee to witness his deserved award.  Dave has voluntarily served our Club since 1997, and his departure ends 20 years of service, and this award is acknowledgement of his efforts. To read about his career with us and see photos of the presentation, click on the SFA 2017 Awards link. Alternatively there is the Awards Gallery page with all SFA winners, and the Charter Standard Link Page, which links to all Charter Standard related stories.

Dave with his award

Frys Enjoy A Big Day Of Fun!

After last year's successful "Parent's Tournament", we all came together on Mayday to do it again! There were eight teams from across the age groups split into two groups, looking to see who has the best footballing parents, and whose glory days are long past (mine!). But making it more fun for the children were two large inflatables, face-painting, sweets, candyfloss and a large expanse to run around on. It was a fantastic day of effort (if not always ability), and Photographs of the teams playing can be found at the link, along with a few of the children having fun.  For the results, and past Parent's Tournament Results, click the link. The upshot was a great fun day for everyone, and a great amount of money raised to support us, of which we were able to donate £100 to ex-player Aaron Sutton who is running the Bristol 10k raising money for a Cancer Charity in memory of a young boy who had links to our Club - see last week's main story below.

The U18's ready to go

Heading the ball clear

Donating money to a great cause

Fun on the large slide   Gymnastic skills   Facepainting & Candyfloss! Does it get much better than this?
Ex-Frys Player - Cancer Fundraising

On the 7th May, ex-Frys player Aaron Sutton will be running the Bristol 10k to raise funds in memory of George Scadding. On the 18th June 2012, George was diagnosed with cancer. He had no symptoms apart from a swollen tummy that had appeared over a weekend. Within four days of being diagnosed he had to undergo a six hour operation followed by four days in intensive care to remove the mass. Within three weeks he was out playing football in the garden with his brother and sister, however a week later it was discovered that the disease had spread to his lungs and bones. George had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma for which he had to undergo 70 days of intensive chemotherapy, followed by high dose chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant where he had to stay in one room in isolation for four weeks because he was so dangerously ill. The chemotherapy took away all of the lining of his digestive tract and he had no immune system at all.  By Christmas 2012 all of George's scans and tests came back clear, he was in remission. By the beginning of January, George had a tummy ache and was admitted back to hospital, and within 10 days he was taken from his family. George was also linked to our Club, his older brother Charlie had also played for us. You can donate on Aaron's Page or you can donate direct to George's Page.

George Scadding


Aaron Sutton

More History Revealed!

The main purpose of this website is to document the history of our Club, from Keynsham Wanderers (1968-1976) to Somerdale Wanderers (1976-1998) to Fry Club JFC (1998-today), and so it is always a nice moment when some more of that history is uncovered.  Our Historian has recently been in contact with Dave Bidgood.  Dave was involved almost from the beginning, assisting Les Stroud's first team from 1972 until they finished, then taking on a team in his own right, assisted first by Les, and then by Mike Meacham, before helping Rex Simmons for the first few years of his second team.  Dave was also Vice-Chairman for a number of years, and remains a true friend of our Club. The newspaper article shows his Somerdale Wanderers team in 1982 having won the Bristol and Avon Federation of Boys Club U16 League.  The photograph is also notable as it was taken just two weeks before the original "FRY'S" factory sign was taken down to be replaced by "Cadbury's". More old photos can be found on our Old Teams page. If you have any history of our Club that you would like to share with us, please e-mail the Webmaster with some details, and we would be overjoyed to share it here.  You can also connect via our Historical Facebook page.

Bristol & Avon Federation of Boys Clubs U16 Winners


1981/82 U16's


As U15's with many trophies

U18 Girls Bow Out At Semi-Final!

Fry Club U18 Girls made it all of the way to the Gloucestershire County Plate Semi Final, where they were unfortunate to fall at the final hurdle. It was a great performance by Frys as can be read in the Plate Semi Match Report. Sadly this was the final match for the girls who now go their separate ways, and they will be missed by Frys, from those who joined this season, right through to Kelsey Manning, who last season became the first girl to complete 10 years with our Club, a notable achievement for any player.  For more on the U18 teams at the Club, click on their Team Page.

Ready for their semi-final

Fry's Parents Get Ready For Action!

Fry Club JFC are gearing up for some competitive action, as this year's Parent's Competition looms.  Following on the success of last year, we are holding the Parent's 7-a-side tournament on Bank Holiday Monday, 1st May.  To coincide with this, we are hoping to have fun rides and competitions for the children, and the Bar and Barbeque will be serving merrily away.  If you would like to come along to join in the fun, or simply watch the carnage fun football, then arrival starts from 10:00am with the first matches kicking of at 10:30am.

Come and join the fun at Somerdale Pavilion

Frys Would Love To Welcome You!

Fry Club JFC would just like to tell you that we are always welcoming to new players looking to get into football. Our safe and relaxed setting allows children to have a fun, enjoyable introduction to football in an environment that allows them lots of touches, shots, dribbles and ultimately more involvement and enjoyment in the game. Our aim is simple - to help young people fall in love with the game.  If they start this journey captivated by the experience, their love of the game should last a lifetime. For more information please click on the poster to the right.

Come and join a fun and friendly Club here at Somerdale Pavilion

Frys U9's - Cup Winners...... Sort Of!

During the recent bad weather spell, our U9's took the opportunity to move indoors and have a fun session at Keynsham Leisure Centre.  Captains were chosen, teams were picked and then each team played each other four times (12 games played on the day) and each game lasting four minutes.  It was a bit of fun, each player receiving a set sweet depending on whether their team finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd, and for the winning team, there was also a Cup.  If you look to the right, you can see the winning team and the captain holding the Cup..... For more on the U9's, click on their Team Page.

The Green team, Cup winners.....

The Yellow team with their prizes          The Blue team with their prizes
Ex-Frys Player - Pro Boxer!

On Friday 10th March, Aaron Sutton, formerly of our great Club takes his fledgling steps into the professional boxing ring.  Aaron has been kickboxing and boxing for a numbers of years, winning an area title back in 2012 when he was still playing for us.  After winning a number of amateur Kickboxing titles, and then amateur Boxing titles, Aaron signed a 3 Year professional contract with Chris & Jamie Sanigar at Bristol Boxing Gym on 12th January 2017. His first bout is on Friday in the Dolman Hall at Ashton Gate Stadium. Aaron joined Frys as an U6 in 2002 playing for the Colts team, and although had a brief spell with AEK Boco returned to the Club and went on to win many awards, leading the U18's to the League & Cup double in 2015 and and as an U18 Aaron won his Les Stroud 10 Year Loyalty Award. We wish Aaron the very best of luck on this next stage of his journey. For more on Aaron's boxing career, take a look at Aaron Sutton Boxing. ##UPDATE## Aaron won his first fight, against a Welsh ABA Champion on a close points decision.

Aaron's first professional fight


Aaron signs his first pro contract

Celebrating New Bibs!

On their return to training after Christmas, Fry Club Soccer Tots and the Under 6's and Under 7's had a surprise when they were presented with new training bibs by CW fitness Solutions. Fry Club Soccer Tots, Under 6's and Under 7's train on Saturday mornings at Somerdale Pavilion in a friendly, inclusive and fun environment. Children of all abilities come together to play and have fun whilst learning football and life skills. For more on the Soccer Tots, U6's & U7's, click on their respective Team pages.

Celebrating their new bibs

Frys U18's - League Champions!

Congratulations to our U18's, who have managed to win their League by the end of January!  The majority of the squad have been together for over twelve years, and for their history you can look at their Archive Team Page. This League win came with just one defeat, and their win last Sunday against Saltford sealed the deal.  To look at some photos (mainly of the team celebrating), click on the League Winners photo link. There was also a great Match Report in the Bristol Post. For more on the U18's, click on their Team Page.

Champagne time!


Frys Uncover More History!

The main purpose of this website is to document the history of our Club, from Keynsham Wanderers (1968-1976) to Somerdale Wanderers (1976-1998) to Fry Club JFC (1998-2017) and Somerdale JFC (July 2017 onwards), and so it is always a nice moment when some more of that history is uncovered.  This time it is the discovery of two old trophies!  One simply has the words, "Keynsham Wanderers F.C." inscribed, however the other has "Keynsham Wanderers F.C." and beneath, "Sportsman Of The Year", and on the plaque on the base, "1972-73 R Smallcombe". These trophies are now on display in the trophy cabinet in the main bar inside Somerdale Pavilion. To look back at some of the oldest photographs that we hold, click on the Early Presentations link, and for photographs from every presentation since 2002, click to view the Club Presentations. If you have any history of our Club that you would like to share with us, please e-mail the Webmaster with some details, and we would be overjoyed to share it here.

Keynsham Wanderers trophy

Sportsman of the Year 1972-73

Frys Provide The England Mascot!

One of Fry's U11 players was lucky enough recently to lead out England U21's for their friendly match against Italy U21's at St Mary's, the home of Southampton.  Demarai Gray put England ahead in the sixth minute, but Italy replied through a fortuitous own goal from Brendan Galloway and close-range finish from Federico Di Francesco.  Lewis Baker levelled on the hour mark and Jack Stephens then snatched victory with the last kick of the match from a corner. For more on his Frys team, click on their Team Page.

With U21 Captain and idol, James Ward-Prowse

Lined up for the National Anthem


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It is hoped, perhaps forlornly, that more parents and players involved in Youth Football will come to realise that its not just about winning. Anyone reading this and wondering what is meant by this should visit the FA Website